About Us

Community Banking: Safe, Secure and Service Focused

At Peru Federal Savings Bank, our mission is to meet the financial needs of each individual by providing exceptional customer service focused on personalized attention and building relationships. We strive to be THE community bank which continues to serve generations in the Illinois Valley.

In order to achieve our mission, we strive to differentiate ourselves by focusing our attention on the service we provide, not just the products we offer. We know that customers have many options available to them; therefore we look to enhance the customer experience by getting to know our customers, build a relationship, and give our customers the attention that they deserve.

Our tag line is Making Connections. In today’s busy world you need people you can trust to look out for your interests, so you need a financial institution that can connect you with products and services that meet your individual needs. Trust is the foundation of any good relationship and our employees look to create and build on our customer relationship by caring about our customers, understanding their circumstances, and looking for ways we can help meet their needs.

You need a financial institution that cares about you and the community that you live in. As a mutual savings bank, we were established to serve the needs of our community. Our employees embrace our community through actively volunteering.

As a depositor you need the peace of mind that your money is safe. Mutual Savings Banks do not have shareholders and therefore serve the needs of our depositors. Our mission is to be conservative and customer-orientated to ensure deposits are fully protected and invested wisely.

As a borrower you need to know we have the products and pricing that fits your needs. We continually strive to provide lending products that meet the needs of our community and provide competitive pricing to our customers. We get to know your needs and find the product and terms that best fit your individual circumstances.

The atmosphere with our organization is one of being open. Our offices have glass walls because we are open to meeting our customers and getting to know them. We know our purpose is to serve you and your interest and that without our customers we would not exist. We have served our community since 1887 and we continue to look for ways to improve on our products and service. So if you are ready to experience community banking at its finest, stop by to see us today. We look forward to Making a Connection!