Financial Life Stages

No matter what stage you are at in your life’s journey, Peru Federal Savings Bank will provide you with the financial knowledge and products to help you through every phase.

Whether you are searching for your first job, raising a family or enjoying retirement, we have a combination of experienced employees and innovative products and services that will help you to reach your financial goals.

We understand that not every product or service is the right one for you depending upon your stage in life and your financial situation.  Our goal is to help you explore some of the options available to you at Peru Federal Savings Bank.  To learn more about additional tools for your particular situation, please feel free to contact us


Young Professional

Life Stages Young Pro

Fresh out of high school, college or trade school and entering the workforce?  Developing sound financial habits for the future is the main focus at this stage.
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Young Family

Whether you are a single parent, married with children or single and looking to buy your first home, expenses can grow during this stage in life. It’s important to stay focused and on track.
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Established Career

Life Stages Established Career









You’re settled in your career and making the most of your paychecks.  You should have some savings set aside and a focus toward your retirement years.  Financial decisions now will have an impact on your retirement lifestyle. 
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Life Stages Retirement

After years of hard work, you’re finally here!  Whether you choose to continue working or spend time on hobbies, it’s important to protect and maintain your wealth.  Stay open to options and new ideas. 
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Connect The Way You Like

Making connections with our customers is important and we want you to have the best experience whether you like to bank in-person, online or via our mobile app.  For those that prefer to bank online or from their mobile phone or tablet, check out our many tech services for your convenience!

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